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School Sports Club: the largest ever programme for the development of sports activity

School Sports Club (Polish: Szkolny Klub Sportowy – SKS) is a programme of systematic sports and recreation activities addressed to all children and youth.

  • over 42 million zł
  • 530 thousand of sports classes
  • 260 thousand participants
  • 70 sports
  • 14 thousand groups
  • 13 thousand teachers





The numbers represent the scale of the School Sports Club programme implemented by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. SKS offers systematic sports and recreation activities available to all children and youth.  

- School Sports Club already brings measurable effects, although this year’s edition is just an initial stage. Next year, the programme’s budget will be increased to over 54.5 million zł, said Minister of Sport and Tourism Witold Bańka.

In 2018, thanks to the increase in the budget, the SKS programme will cover all municipalities of Poland.

School Sports Club is open to all school children and youth across the country.

The largest ever programme promoting physical activity and addressed to such a large number of participants began this year. Extra-curricular sports activities conducted across the country by physical education teachers, mostly at sports facilities available in local schools, constitute a great challenge. Given its national scale, the programme was allocated unprecedented funding of 42.6 million zł for 2017. The amount made it possible to organise 530 thousand classes for children and youth, which in total covered over 70 sports. The sports lessons of various types are conducted by over 13 thousand physical education teachers for about 14 thousand groups.

The objective of the SKS programme is to make physical activity a daily routine for children and youth, with particular emphasis placed on girls and those who are less active.

- We continue to extend the offer of commonly available, free of charge sports and recreation activities for children and youth. We have developed tools for providing systemic support. As a result, this year the number of children covered by the ministry-funded programmes increased by 37% compared to 2015, said Minister Bańka.

- For many years, PKN Orlen has been supporting sport very strongly. We are aware how much still needs to be done to achieve success. We know that encouraging children and young people to practice sport has to be a continuous effort. Only then will we be able to experience such moments as we did when Polish athletes were winning medals in London, said Zbigniew Leszczyński, PKN ORLEN Board Member responsible for Sales.

Upbringing, education, training, DEVELOPMENT

The School Sports Club programme also covers evaluation which consists of three basic components:

  1. Broad-scope assessment of the situation in the field of sport for children and youth, that is overall evaluation of the operation of the SKS programme;
  2. Posture and body weight examinations in children and youth, consisting in anthropometric measurements and non-invasive orthopaedic examinations; the objective is to increase people’s awareness and to prevent the progression of postural disorders and overweight. Regular physical activity can help reverse the disturbing statistics;
  3. Fitness tests for children and youth: teachers implementing the programme carry out fitness tests for the participants (physical measurements and three fitness tests: arm hang, 50m run, and 600/800/1000 m run). The results of the tests will provide detailed assessment of fitness of children and youth covered by the project. The cooperation with the National Talent Database programme will make it possible to identify sports talents.


The School Sports Club programme uses modern ICT technologies. The web portal has been launched, which includes an electronic logbook. There is also a mobile application for teachers.

The application contains the following modules:

  • logbook of activities,
  • scheduling and re-scheduling of classes,
  • stopwatch for fitness tests,
  • S.O.S messaging to contact parents in emergency situations.

The application is coordinated by the Institute of Sport – a national research institute which is the national operator of the SKS programme.

Key objective: promotion of sport among children and youth

This year, grassroots sport funding increased significantly. In the last two years, there was an increase by 46% in the funds allocated to grassroots sport. In 2018, over 226 million zł will be allocated to activities in the field of children and youth sport, which is an increase by 93% compared to 2015.